Tag: gender ideology

UK parents could face prosecution for refusing to use their children's pronouns

Here is yet another worrying sign coming from the British islands.

Gender ideology compromises safeguarding principles in UK public schools

Traditional Christian values are at risk from increased pressure by gender ideology.

A Christian teacher was sacked for "misgendering" a pupil in the UK

The man apologised multiple times and explained that he did not mean to harm anyone.

Gender transformative education, a war declared on biological sex

The UN wants the implementation of gender transformative education for children as young as 2.

J.K. Rowling targeted by the gender activists yet again

The British author is under attack for refusing to comply with the gender narrative.

New emoji designs depict "pregnant man" and androgynous "pregnant person"

The vast majority of emoji fans are not anticipating the new "inclusive" designs, according to Emojipedia's own polling.

Kellogg's introduces LGBT cereal encouraging people to chose their pronouns

Kellogg’s new cereal received backlash from conservative Christian groups.

California bill targets university healthcare links to Catholic hospitals

The local bill would enforce legislation that goes against Catholic ethics.

Amazon withdraws books critical of LGBT and gender ideology

Censorship by social media giants and big companies is something that ceases to surprise.