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Gender ideology compromises safeguarding principles in UK public schools

A new report by Policy Exchange reveals that public schools in the UK are increasingly becoming pressured by gender ideology.

Gender identity ideology – the belief that the gender a person identifies themselves with is more important than the reality of their biological sex – has become increasingly influential in the UK in the past few years. 

According to the Policy Exchange report 40% of public secondary schools allow pupils to self-declare their gender without parental consent or awareness. It also sheds light on the fact that at least 19% of schools have failed to provide single-sex changing rooms, and 28% are not maintaining single sex toilets; resulting in vulnerable adolescent girls having to share what should be their “safe spaces” with male students. 

The report accentuates how radical influence groups promoting unscientific beliefs managed to take authority within the UK state school system. Children of all ages, starting as young as five, are taught that some people are born in the “wrong body” and that masculine and feminine distinctions are just social constructs. These pressure groups are adamant that some individual’s gender identity may be different from his or her biological sex; and they use their ideology to destroy the moral constitution of society. 

LGBT campaign groups are allowed to shape educational policies in the UK, without any public scrutiny. 

Schools are required by law to remain politically impartial, however, based on the recent findings, 4 in 10 schools employ policies of gender self-identification; and three-quarters of schools fail to advise parents of their children’s’ gender “distress”. Beliefs about gender identity have been implanted in the curriculum as facts and any opposing views are prohibited. Religious groups, including Christian parents, teachers and students, are being intimidated whenever they question these controversial beliefs. 


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