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Brussels wants to ban the use of Christian names along with the word Christmas


According to internal reports within the EU, the European Commission has formulated new communication guidelines that ban the use of the word Christmas or traditional European Christian names. This alarming article can be found in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale. Georgia Meloni, the leader of the national-conservative party, Brothers of Italy, calls this initiative the "nightmare of political correctness".

Antonio Tajani, former President of the European Parliament and vice-president of the central-right Forza Italia political party, announced on Monday that he is waiting for the answer of the European Commission, whether, according to them, the new guidelines of Brussels respect the liberty of conscience and speech.

“Given the principle of inclusion, how do you want to respect the sensitivity of the majority of the workers of the European Commission? Maybe you should do some modifications on this guideline, respecting the Christian roots of the European Union”, writes Tajani in his communiqué.

Francesco Giubilei, leader of the Nazione Futura conservative movement and columnist of Il Giornale, was the first to write about this new guideline, associated with  Helena Dalli, Commissioner for Equality. The article says that the new guidelines of the European Commission aim to reinforce inclusion. Giubilei recalls that the objective of this document is to ensure a similar appreciation and respect to everyone regardless of their sex, origin, age, religion, convictions and sexual orientation, especially caring about the members of the LGBTQ+ community.

No Mr and Mrs

According to the Italian newspaper, under the new guidelines, it is forbidden to address anyone as Mr or Mrs, without the person’s consent. Also, it is banned to use the male gender to address a mixed group of people. For example, instead of saying “Ladies and Gentlemen”, it is preferable to say “Dear colleagues”. Furthermore, when referring to the human race, it is recommended to say humanity instead of man.

These guidelines also refer to the vocabulary of Christmas. So instead of the Christmas holiday, we should say winter holiday, and they propose replacing the Christian names, for example, Mary, with the less religious name Nalika.

On his Facebook page, Matteo Salvini, leader of the La Liga Italian right-wing party, asks his followers if he is the only person who finds these guidelines madness. Giorgia Meloni says, “It is a nightmare of political correctness that Christmas be banned in Europe, or calling someone Mary”.

“Political correctness does not spare anything or anyone (…). Mary and John also became their target. Why? Because these are offensive to non-Christians? They want to erase the culture of a nation in the name of a blindfolded ideology. Our history and identity cannot be erased; they must be respected”, Writes Giorgia Meloni on her Facebook page.

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