Tag: LGBTQ Ideology

Christian councillor reinstated after 'Pride is sin' tweet

King Lawal, who was suspended after tweeting that "Pride is not a virtue but a Sin" has been reinstated

Proposed ban on conversion therapy bill may defeat religious freedom in the UK

UK Christians are ready to take legal action if conversion therapy bill endangers religious freedom

Texas Christian University Offers New Course: ‘Queer Art of Drag’

A course that allows to craft their own drag persona, meet with drag performers and experts, and explore "the queer art of drag."

Several football teams' captains will play with a rainbow band in Qatar

In the country itself, the promotion of the LGBT ideology is a criminal offense.

Transgender man to teach religion in German diocese

The Catholic diocese permitted a transgender man to teach religion to schoolchildren.

Gay choir sings: "We will convert your children"

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus shared a video on the internet in which they sing "We’ll Convert Your Children”.

Hungary fines distributor for book promoting homosexuality to kids

The fine comes amid a larger crackdown on LGBT ideology in Hungary.

Transvestite man dressed up as Jesus in Milan LGBT parade

Matteo Salvini shared a photo on his Facebook page taken at a Pride demonstration in Milan on the 26th of June.

Disney+ has announced a "Pride virtual variety show"

The Walt Disney Company is well-known for its support for LGBT organisations.