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Several football teams’ captains will play with a rainbow band in Qatar

As part of the "One Love" campaign, during the World Cup in Qatar, captains of the team will wear rainbow bands. 5 teams have already declared that they will not join this promotion of destructive social patterns. Among them is also a Polish team.


The aim, according to the organizers of the project, is to “counteract” the so-called homophobia”. So far, the more “progressive” squads have stated that they will be willing to field captains dressed in the colours of the LGBT ideology. They were: France, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Wales.

However, Dusan Tadic, the captain of the Serbian team, showed common sense. He declared that he would not participate in the promotion of deviant circles. At the moment we know that the Portuguese, Spaniards, Croats and Poles will act similarly to the Serbian national team.

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