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Vatican seminarians to play football against French team

A French team will be in Rome for a pilgrimage to meet the Pope and try their luck against a group of seminarians.

Several football teams' captains will play with a rainbow band in Qatar

In the country itself, the promotion of the LGBT ideology is a criminal offense.

Gennaro Gattuso attacked on Twitter after defending the traditional family model

Tottenham fans campaigned against Gattuso because he stood out in defence of traditional marriage.

French football player, Olivier Giroud raised money for persecuted Christians

Olivier Giroud is an evangelical Christian who sponsored an online charity gala to raise money for persecuted Christians.

Hungarian football club to support persecuted Christians

FTC will provide an opportunity for members of "Scholarship Programme for Christian Youth" to play sports.

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo alive today after surviving abortion attempt

The story of the Portuguese striker shows that an unwanted child is susceptible of achieving great things.