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The Croatian football star refused to wear the rainbow armband

Josip Brekalo

Josip Brekalo refused to advertise LGBTQ organisations because their spirituality is in contrast with his Christian faith and values. The Croatian star player of the German Wolfsburg football club was asked to promote homosexuality by wearing a rainbow armband. Brekalo did not comply with the request.


The star player of VFL Wolfsburg, Josip Brekalo caused a huge scandal in Germany by refusing to wear the rainbow armband, which represents the LGBTQ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, questioning). The management of the club decided to support homosexuality and transsexuality in an advertisement.

They requested one of the greatest stars of the team to participate in a photo shoot with the rainbow armband, but the answer of the twenty-year-old Brekalo was unexpected:

“I am a faithful Christian from a religious family. I accept that some people embody different values, but I cannot advertise and wear a symbol that is not compatible with my beliefs.”

The Croatian midfielder was accused of homophobia after his statement. The football club finally petitioned Joshua Guilavogui, who agreed to pose with the armband.

Source: 777blog

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