Tag: LGBTQ Ideology

FBI investigates explosion at California church labeled 'hate group' by SPLC

The improvised explosive device was apparently detonated at the church, causing some damage.

Montana high school reverses ban on Christian club over homosexuality view

The constitution protects the freedom to organize around shared beliefs.

Supreme Court declines to hear Oregon parents' case

The parents wanted to challenge the school's transgender bathroom policy.

LGBT group urges Biden to strip accreditation of Christian schools

Such sanction would devastate schools with biblical beliefs.

Joe Biden opposed to "LGBT-free zones" in Poland which don't exist

The fake news about the alleged existence of so called "LGBT-free zones" in Poland has gone viral in the last months.

Michael Jackson's daughter to portray Jesus as a lesbian woman in new movie

The petition entitled, “STOP HOLLYWOODS ATTACK ON JESUS” already has 100,000 signatures with a goal of 150,000.

Black Lives Matter supports abortion, homosexuality and anti-family programmes

The leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement explicitly declares that it "is developing a queer affirmative community."

Hungary ends legal recognition of sex change

Hungary recognises legal same-sex relationships but remains opposed to the legalisation of so called same-sex marriages.

Slovakia rejects the Istanbul Convention

The document uses violence against women as a tool to introduce gender ideology at international level.

Prestigious Vienna Opera Ball allows gay couple to participate for first time

The homosexual pair, hopes to 'use' their appearance to draw attention to LGBTQ issues.