Tag: LGBTQ Ideology

Transvestite man dressed up as Jesus in Milan LGBT parade

Matteo Salvini shared a photo on his Facebook page taken at a Pride demonstration in Milan on the 26th of June.

Disney+ has announced a "Pride virtual variety show"

The Walt Disney Company is well-known for its support for LGBT organisations.

Hungarian Parliament approves Anti-Paedophilia bill

On the 15th of June, the Hungarian parliament approved a bill that will punish paedophilia more severely

Kamala Harris is the first US vice president to attend an LGBT parade

It is no secret that the Biden administration embraces the LGBT ideology.

Canadian government extends "pride month" to a whole season

"Pride Season" will last from June to September.

Notre Dame university website celebrates ‘Pride Month

The website of the University of Notre Dame has a feature post celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride on its diversity and inclusion page.

Disney Plus announces "The Proud Family" reboot will feature gay dads

It is not Disney’s first attempt to include LGBT activism in its children’s programming.

Indiana supreme court dismissed lawsuit against archdiocese

"The government can’t punish the Catholic Church for asking Catholic educators to support Catholic teaching”.

Nickelodeon's emission for children contains a song with LGBT flags

The song teaches the alphabet to the children, and the letter "P" is rainbow-coloured and stands for the word "Pride"

Education Secretary nominee: transgender athletes should play women's sports

The nominee for Secretary of Education said that transgender high school athletes should be allowed to compete with girls.