India seals its border with Myanmar, separating Christian tribes

Chrtistian majority ethnic tribes living both in the territory of India and Myanmar are separated as the Indian federal government decides to close down the open border with Myanmar.

The decision of the Indian government to shut the open border with Myanmar threatens ethnic tribes living in the territories of both countries. Indigenous people, such as the Naga and Mizo tribes, voiced their concerns regarding the border sealing that would separate communities and, in some cases, take away their livelihoods.

Leaders of these communities condemned the decision and sent a letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They said,

“Erecting border fencing is not only impractical and dehumanizing to the communities living on both sides of the border but, such an approach may only diminish the prospects for peace and wellbeing in the restive region.”

Members of the Naga tribe see their livelihood threatened by the fence. Their agricultural lands are in Myanmar, so a fence would keep them away from their lands.

Even though the locals are concerned, they also stated that they would not like to set obstacles that might frustrate the efforts of the State of India to secure its borders. However, there are issues regarding the border that have to be discussed.

Source: UCAnews

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