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Christian councillor reinstated after ‘Pride is sin’ tweet

31 year-old King Lawal confirmed that his post, for which he had been removed from the council in July, was "an expression of my Christian faith by quoting passages from the Bible".

After tweeting “When did Pride become a thing to celebrate. Because of Pride Satan fell as an arch Angel. Pride is not a virtue but a Sin. Those who have Pride should Repent of their sins and return to Jesus Christ. He can save you.” he was suspended from the local council and removed from several other organisations, including his own business. 

Mr Lawal has returned to his role on North Northamptonshire Council. Labour councillors protested against his reinstatement by wearing rainbow sashes and standing up as he made his statement.

Mr Lawal said he had been surprised at the backlash his tweet had caused: “It didn’t cross my mind that there would be so much vitriol from a tweet, which was stating a biblical doctrine – biblical passages, biblical understandings that has been there for thousands of years. I thought in this country we were still allowed to have a differing view. As a counsellor, I do see that there may have been some things around not offending people, not discriminating, etc. within the policies I signed up for, but at the end of the day the speech of a public representative cannot be curtailed, because how then can you engage and get to mutual understanding of a particular notion, for example.” 

He expressed his hope that his reinstatement “speaks positively in people’s minds” and encourages people to “stand up for what they believe in”. He also confirmed the tweet “was an exercise in free speech. As a councillor, I act equally for the residents of the areas in which I am elected in all areas of debate and discussion.”

The Christian Concern group, which is supporting Mr Lawal, said: “The repercussions faced by councillor Lawal are unprecedented, demonstrating that Christians who hold public office can no longer express their beliefs without having their careers and lives dismantled.”





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