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The history behind the Feast of Epiphany

The day that marks the end of Christmas celebrations.

Christmas celebration disrupted by authorities in Vietnam

Vietnamese ethnic minorities with high percentage of Christianity are often subject to harassment for thier faith.

Three Christians jailed for attending Christmas gathering in Central India

Across India, attacks on Christians and their places of worship are steadily increasing in both number and severity.

Over 500 Muslims celebrate Christmas to promote religious tolerance in Nigeria

Since 2000, between 50,000 and 70,000 believers have been murdered in Nigeria.

Christmas not to be celebrated in China

Christmas is considered by the Chinese Communist authorities as a "Western holiday"

Christmas greetings not well seen in Indonesian South Sulawesi region

Discrimination against Christians remains widespread across this region of Asia

The Christmas wish of a young Christian refugee

"I have become a refugee, just like the Child Jesus, who also had to flee together with his parents.”

Pakistani Christians tighten security around churches before Christmas

The Taliban frequently target churches and Christian institutes in Pakistan.