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Spanish government pushes for compulsory gender and LGBT classes for children

The Socialist government of Spain called for the abolition of the "public schools parental veto". The aim of this initiative was to make it possible for parents to keep a certain amount of control over the gender and LGBT content that their children might be confronted to at school.

“We absolutely can’t think that children belong to parents,” considers Minister of Education Isabel Celaa.

“My children belong to me, not to the [Spanish] state, and I will fight to prevent this radical and sectarian government from imposing on parents as the way to educate their children,” tweeted Pablo Cassado, leader of the opposition People’s Party.

Under Spanish educational law, additionnal classes are conducted during school hours and are compulsory. The veto control mechanism involves the school heads having to inform parents about the introduction of additional lessons, organized by “staff outside the educational center”, in order to give written permission to participate or to refuse that their children take part in such questionable activities. 


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