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Church of Almighty God Refugee Li Yanli Can Remain in Spain

She is able to stay in Spain but others had to leave or were forced back to China

Praying the rosary banned in Madrid during anti-government protest

The Christian lawyer's assassination 'Abogados Cristianos' announced that they will defend those who are arrested free of charge.

Two Spanish churches were the target of vandalism

The Spanish Foundation of Christian Laywers filed complaints against those responsible for the attacks in October 2023.

The chapel of a Spanish hospital was vandalised

A Mass in reparation was offered in the chapel on two occasions in mid-September.

A Spanish church was targeted by a criminal arsonist

The criminals fled, but thanks to the images from the church's security cameras, the police were able to identify them.

Legal proceedings were opened against an anti-Catholic campaign in Spain

Attacks on Catholics have been increasingly aggressive in the past few years in Spain and often go unpunished.

12-year-old children will be able to change their sex in the civil registry in Spain

Adolescents of 16 can undergo hormonal treatments without parental consent.