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12-year-old children will be able to change their sex in the civil registry in Spain

Adolescents of 16 can undergo hormonal treatments without parental consent.

Hungary provides emergency aid to a Spanish parish

A parish sacristan was killed and several people injured, including a priest, in a stabbing attack last Wednesday.

A sexton was killed in a machete attack in Spain

A police source told AFP that a priest was also injured.

Thieves stole stole a baby Jesus from a nativity scene in Spain

The vandals asked local authorities for "ransom" money.

Pro-terrorist graffiti at church’s door in Sevilla

This is not the first time that this church is targeted with graffiti.

Spanish authorities arrested 11 jihadists recruiting children

The investigation revealed that the group was led by a 59-year-old imam from one of the mosques in Melilla.

Fourteen children rescued from abortion baptized in Spain

Spanish bishop: “Abortion will always be intrinsically evil”.

Prayer campaign for the unborn in Spain

“The more they persecute us, the more we will embrace the Cross!”