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German portal encourages teenagers to take “hormone blockers”

In Germany, young people who are unsure of their sexual identity can get avice from the "Regenbogenportal" (Rainbow portal) created by the the German Ministry for Family Affairs. The portal gives questionable advice to young people such as taking hormone blockers to suit their prefered gender regardless of their sex.

” You are the only one to know if you are a boy, a girl, or anything else”. This is one of the statements young Germans can find in the “Rainbow portal” of the German Ministry for Family Affairs.

This official portal explains to young Germans that with the help of “hormone blockers”, they can “prevent their body from changing in the direction they do not want”. “You can also opt for transit and take on different sex hormones. (…)From the age of 18, surgery is also possible, for instance on genitals.”

To the question: How can I be sure I’m a trans person? The “experts” answers is that “you can give yourself time to try”. According to them, “it is not necessary for you to tell now how you will want to live in ten years (…) it’s important that you feel good here and now”.



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