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Christian teacher fired for refusing to teach transgender lessons

A Church of England school has sacked a teacher after she refused to teach extreme LGBT lessons

A British doctor appealed his case after being fired over transgender pronouns

The Christian Legal Centre alarms that such a situation represents a worrying precedent.

Children’s hospital probed by Missouri AG halts puberty blockers

Risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, cancers across the lifespan - Missouri AG blocking the children hormon therapies.

Yorkshire Building Society closes Anglican minister's bank account

Yorkshire Building Society accused of bullying after closing church leader's bank account over transgender comments

Transgender man to teach religion in German diocese

The Catholic diocese permitted a transgender man to teach religion to schoolchildren.

Adoption agency rejcted the demand of a couple for their Christian values

"We also said that that we didn’t agree that we should simply let the child dress as the other gender.”

Texas senate approves bill banning trans procedures for kids

The senate voted for SB 1311 on Monday, with every Republican and no Democrats in favor.

Pixar released a casting notice for its first transgender character

According to Screen Rant, the casting notice was posted on Twitter by the transgender advocacy group Trans March.

Education Secretary nominee: transgender athletes should play women's sports

The nominee for Secretary of Education said that transgender high school athletes should be allowed to compete with girls.

Twitter suspends Christian magazine for saying Biden’s trans nominee is a man

The Daily Citizen appealed the suspension but was informed that its account will remain locked until it deletes the tweet.