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Yorkshire Building Society closes Anglican minister’s bank account

Reverend Richard Fothergill has had his bank account terminated after raising concerns over Yorkshire Building Society's promotion of transgenderism.

Reverend Fothergill, leader of the Filling Station Network – an organisation that brings Christian renewal and evangelism into the UK -, sent an online message to the Yorkshire Building Society stating that the company should not promote transgender ideology. He received a response in four days, advising that his savings account would be closed, even though he had been a customer for 17 years. 

The Reverend said in an interview:

“They are a financial house – they are not there to do social engineering. I think they should concentrate their efforts on managing money, instead of promoting LGBT ideology. I know cancel culture exists and this is my first-hand experience of it. I wouldn’t want this bullying to happen to anyone else”.

A spokesperson of the Building Society responded: “We never close savings accounts based on different opinions regarding beliefs or feedback provided by our customers. We only ever make the difficult decision to close a savings account if a customer is rude, abusive, violent or discriminates in any way, based on the specific facts, comments and behaviour in each case”. 

A similar case has come to settlement: Christian charity Core Issues Trust received compensation from Barclays Bank over the closure of its bank account. The Core Issues Trust offers support to men and women who have unwanted attraction from people of the same gender.



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