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Facebook bans Christian professor for opposing Biden’s military policy

Facebook suspended Gagnon's account for what it deemed as “incitement” to violence."

Lawyers must call male runners 'trans females' in athletics lawsuit

Chatigny said that referring to the biologically male athletes as “males” is “not accurate” and  “needlessly provocative.”  

German portal encourages teenagers to take "hormone blockers"

German "experts" encourgage young people to decide about their gender themselves.

A "transgender doll" spotted in a Russian store

The toy producers from Mattel crossed a line with their new invention

Candace Owens disinvited from podcast for saying: 'only women can give birth'

“SAD TO ANNOUNCE that @jameelajamil has revoked my invitation to her podcast bc I tweeted ‘only women can give birth’” Owens said.

Marvel confirms first transgender superhero

This year, The Eternals will introduce Marvel movies' first gay character.