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Christian teacher fired for refusing to teach transgender lessons

43 year-old Glawdys Leger, a modern foreign languages teacher at a Kent C of E secondary school had to attend a 'fitness to practice' hearing on Monday, after she said she would not teach LGBT material on the religious education syllabus to year seven pupils.

Ms Leger, who had been a member of the school’s faculty since 2017, said she was “treated like a dangerous criminal” after she shared her belief with students that LGBT practices were sinful and that humans are born either male or female. The Church of England school in Bromley demanded her to teach Religious Education as well as modern foreign languages, part of which was based on articles issued by the gay lobby group Stonewall.

According to Christian Concern, which is supporting Ms Leger, the content of the material included teaching children that humans can be born in the wrong body. The curriculum also required Ms Leger to teach the terms asexual, pansexual, intersex and transgender.

Leger told students she did not believe in transgender ideology and that sex outside marriage was a sin. She was reported to the Teaching Regulation Agency following claims that she had upset one pupil with her views. Ms Leger, who has been a teacher for 12 years could face being banned from the profession indefinitely.

According to Ms Leger: ‘The impact of what has happened to me has taken a great toll on me. The thought of losing my career for expressing my Christian beliefs in response to questions from students is heartbreaking. I was treated like a criminal and as though I was a danger for expressing my Christian beliefs. I have great compassion for LGBT people, especially for those suffering from gender confusion. I cannot, however, in good conscience teach or say things I believe are contrary to my faith, for example, saying that same-sex sexual relationships are good and/or affirming people in their gender confusion.”

According to a spokesperson from the Church of England: “It would not be appropriate to comment on the complex particulars of any case to which we are not party and which is under consideration. Schools are bound by the Equalities Act, which assures that all children and adults are treated with respect, regardless of their faith, gender or sexuality. Everyone is made in God’s image and loved by God – no matter what their background, identity, abilities or anything else.”



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