Tag: Freedom of speech

Brussels authorities banned a conference for being of a conservative nature

The Conseil d’État, Belgium's highest court, rejected the notion that the conference itself posed a threat to public order.

Scottish conversion therapy ban risks criminalising prayer and parental guidance

Christian group threatens legal action against Scottish government over conversion therapy proposals

Two Malaysian filmmakers charged with blasphemy

Malaysia charges filmmakers with blasphemy, drawing condemnation from human rights groups

Prosecutor takes Päivi Räsänen to Supreme Court

Mrs. Päivi Räsänen is being legally supported by the Human Rights organisation ADF International.

Päivi Räsänen found "not guilty' of hate speech for quoting the Bible

The ruling, which is now final, is a significant a victory for freedom of religion and expression.

Christian teacher fired for refusing to teach transgender lessons

A Church of England school has sacked a teacher after she refused to teach extreme LGBT lessons

Rev Calvin Robinson fired by GB News

Rev Calvin Robinson has been sacked by GB News, joining fellow presenter Laurence Fox in dismissal.

Päivi Räsänen’s battle for religious freedom and free speech continues

Her ongoing legal battle has become a symbol of the delicate balance between religious freedom and free speech in modern society.

A British doctor appealed his case after being fired over transgender pronouns

The Christian Legal Centre alarms that such a situation represents a worrying precedent.

Finnish politician Päivi Räsänen stands trial again

She is being accused of "inciting hatred against LGBT people".