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The British government finances sex game for students over 13 years of age


In the game, the children have to draw a dice twice, containing different expressions, and name a sexual position that connects the two notions.

The British government provided a large amount of money to schools, to buy instruments that help in the sexual education of children. Among these “instruments”, is a sex game, that invites children to discuss any kind of weird sexual imagination with the help of a dice.

During the game, the children have to draw a dice twice, naming different organs, and connect them with the name of a sexual activity.

The items on the dice are mainly related to sexuality. We can find among them the names of the male and the female genitals, but there are also simple words like mouth or hand that make the game still weirder.

The description in the manual warns the teachers that not every combination is easy to talk about and there are combinations that seem to be impossible to resolve, but the objective is to make the children talk about sexuality and the possible sexual activities.

The game, named “kit Sexuality aGender v2”, was designed and realised by Proud Trust, and supported with £99,960 sterling by the British government.

 Source, photo: Aleteia Italy

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