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Kenyan archbishop thanked Hungary for financial support

The objective of Hungary Helps is to provide help for countries in need.

Five hundred Ethiopian Christians were killed in door-to-door attacks since June

Oromo is the country’s largest ethnic group but remains marginalised and severely persecuted.

Twenty Nigerian soldiers have been killed by Islamic State in West Africa

This attack comes after the latest claims by the Nigerian government that Boko Haram has been reduced in capability.

Transitional government in Sudan omits Christianity as school subject

Since Sudan’s independence in 1956, no Christian teachers were appointed by the government to teach Christianity in public schools

Bishop Kukah: ‘Genocide is happening in Nigeria’

Bishop Kukah said “there is no dispute at all” that Nigeria is a largely failed state.

Tunisian Christians fight for recognition

Religious minorities often assimilate into the dominant Arab-Muslim identity, despite Tunisia’s general respect for human rights

The Church in Somalia is growing, despite radical Islamism

Among other things, Christians are also blamed for spreading the coronavirus.

A convert to Christianity was burnt alive in the Ivory Coast for leaving Islam

Ouattara Adama de Bondoukou paid with his life for following Jesus.

Burkina Faso: An exemplary way of helping the victims of terrorism

To help mitigate the impact of the crisis, ACN has just approved a project that will be helping internally displaced people.

Seven women kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam and married in Nigeria

HACFO has been working on the tragic incidences of abduction and forceful Islamization