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Transitional government in Sudan omits Christianity as school subject

Fears that Christianity would again be omitted as a course subject in schools in Sudan were confirmed in a recent government directive. While Islam has long been taught in schools, the head of the body responsible for curricula in Sudan sent a letter to director generals of education throughout the country in late August omitting Christian education as a subject for primary schools.


“All the subjects not mentioned in this letter are to be considered omitted and will not be taught in schools,” Omer Ahmed al-Garay, director general of the National Centre for Curriculum and Educational Research, wrote the letter.

The Rev. Yahia Abdelrahim Nalu of the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church confirmed that Christian education was again omitted from the curriculum of the new transitional government that took office following the deposing of President Omar al-Bashir in April 2019.

While the recent directive mentions only primary schools, Christianity cannot be taught in secondary schools either as the government refuses to hire Christians to teach it.


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