Tag: African Christians

Government in Uganda intends to tighten its grip over churches

The new policy would weaken the freedom of religion, say multiple religious leaders in Uganda.

International community prompted to act after church leader's death in prison

Following the death of a prominent church leader in an Eritrean prison international organisations are urged to act

Christian teacher and minister abducted and killed in Burkina Faso

The pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need condemned the kidnapping and murder of a catechist in Burkina Faso

Christians remain the most persecuted religious group worldwide

Christians and people of goodwill worldwide must stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians.

New religous liberty organization in Africa

African Forum for Religious and Spirituality Liberty was solemnly inaugurated in Cape Town.

The Hungarian and Italian governments plan cooperation to help persecuted Christians

Tristan Azbej presented the Hungary Helps program's African results to representatives of the Vatican.

Twenty-two civillians were killed in an attack in the DRC

The attacks took place in the conflict-ridden province of Ituri.

Christian persecution is on the rise in at least 18 countries

African countries saw a sharp rise in terrorist violence from non-state militants,

Christians are not safe in Mozambique

The attack on the Chipene mission is part of a larger terrorist offensive.

A Muslim sheikh was poisoned shortly after converting to Christianity in Kenya

After he declined to observe the Islamic rituals of Ramadan, his wife noticed him praying in the name of Christ.