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Islamist Terrorists in Nigeria Threaten to Execute Pastor

Church leader pleads for rescue from ISWAP (formerly Boko Haram) captors.

Four more Christians killed by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen surpassed Boko Haram as the greatest threat to Nigerian Christians.

Armed robbers attack all-night church service in Ghana

A two-years-old is among the three injured.

Christian in Algeria Imprisoned

Father of four sentenced to five years in prison because of a Cartoon on Facebook.

A sixth church set on fire in Kenya in January

On the night of the 24th of January, a sixth church was also set on fire in Kenya.

Family of Assaulted Pastor Attacked Again by Muslims

Assailants in Uganda strangle mother of eight still in pain from prior beating.

Pastor, Wife in Uganda Attacked after Imam Becomes Christian

Pastor Moses Nabwana’s wife was hospitalized for five days, and the church leader several days more.

Five Nigerian Christians executed by Islamist group

Five men in northeast Nigeria have been slaughtered for their faith in Christ.

Suspected Fulani Militants Kill Three Christians in Plateau State

 The attack took place on Tuesday, December 1.

Muslims Ambush, Kill Pastor after Radio Broadcast in Uganda

The atrocity happened just after his radio interview.