News from Hungary

Hundreds of thousands followed the Holy Father’s Hungarian visitation

Pope Francis called on world leaders to build peace, praying for a future filled with cradles and not graves.

The pope spoke against individualism and social indifference

Let us step out of our comfort zone, said Francis Pope at the closing Mass in Budapest.

Pope Francis encouraged Hungarian youth: God always forgives

Pope Francis encouraged Hungarian youth to lead dynamic and courageous lives in Budapest

U.S. professor: deep harmony between Hungary and the Holy See

Both Pope Francis and Hungary strongly support the need to resolve the conflict in Ukraine

The Pope praised Hungarian priests who died during the atheist persecution

The Pope praised Hungarian priests who died as martyrs during the atheist persecution.

The Pope spoke against “soloists of war” at the presidental reception

We must be witness of the choir singing the dream of peace, while the soloists of war make their way - said the Pope.

Pope Francis arrives at Budapest

Pope Francis landed at Budapest's Liszt Ferenc Airport

The pope meets with disabled children in Hungary

Pope Francis meets with blind, visually impaired and multiply disabled children and young people in Hungary.