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Christians demonstrated at the Finnish Embassy in Budapest

Paivi Rasanen

Christian protesters demonstrated on Tuesday in front of the building of the Finnish Embassy in Budapest with collective prayer and Bible reading. The participants, by their action, showed their support for Päivi Räsänen, the former Finnish Minister of the Interior, who is accused of incitement against a minority group.

Sára Kulifai, the foreign affairs editor of the weekly magazine Hetek, organized a demonstration supporting the Christian Democrat Finnish politician. Päivi Räsänen’s trial, which has been ongoing for four years, continues at the appellate level on Thursday and Friday this week.

In the report attached to the event, Sára Kulifai wrote that the Member of Parliament was brought to court because of her reference to “the words of the Apostle Paul about homosexuality from the Bible” in connection with her support for Pride by the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Furthermore, the former head of the Finnish Ministry of the Interior will also face court in two other cases: one related to an article she wrote in 2004 stating that “God created man as male and female,” and the other concerning remarks made during a talk show titled ‘What Did Jesus Think About Homosexuality?’ that aired in 2018.

In March of this year, the court acquitted Paivi Rasanen in the first instance, but due to the appeal filed by the Finnish Chief Prosecutor, the trial continues at the appellate level.

Participants in the Budapest demonstration on Tuesday wanted to present a Bible to the Finnish Ambassador, but they received the response that no one was in the building, and the embassy was closed. They, therefore, placed the Bible in the mailbox.

The organizers aimed to draw attention to the fact that the Bible is the common foundation of Finnish and Hungarian Christian culture.

Máté Kulifai, the editor of Hetek, stated during the demonstration that they wish to stand not only with Päivi Räsänen but also with all persecuted Christians because today, Christianity is “the most persecuted minority in the world.”

He emphasized, “The Christian faith cannot be confined to a ghetto.”

Source: MTI

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