News from Hungary

Hungary condemns religious, ethnic and national community incitement

Tristan Azbej, the State Secretary responsible for aiding persecuted Christians, states: "Hungary condemns religious incitement."

Commemoration about the victims of the Roma Holocaust in Budapest

The Roma community was also a victim, alongside the Jewish population - said the organiser of the commemoration.

Hungary Helps: two sewage treatment plants inaugurated in Ghana

Tristan Azbej confirms: Hungarian-built wastewater treatment plants to bring relief in Ghana

The Christian civilisation’s cornerstones: family, children, and nation-building

Hungarian PM Orbán states in Romania: the Judeo-Christian foundations of our civilization, family, children, and nation-building.

Hungary supports the Syrian people with 4.6 million euros

Tristan Azbej, the responsible for programs assisting persecuted Christians : Hungary is supports syrians with 4.6 million Euros

"An ageing European society must fight against the culture of destruction"

In his social media post György Hölvényi reflected on the challenges of old age

Zsolt Semjén: We rescued 11 Transcarpathian prisoners of war

The Russian Orthodox Church transported eleven POWs from Russia to Hungary, coordinated by the Deputy Prime Minister Semjén.

The Hungarian Caritas delivers several truckloads of aid to Ukrainian Christians

Hungarian Catholic Caritas continues to support the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Caritas groups operating in Transcarpathia.

Ilia, the Patriarch of Georgia, gave his blessing to the Hungarians

Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary, met with the Patriarch of Georgia, who gave his blessings.

Political oppression against European Christians

Executive Secretary of the Hungarian Christian Democratic People's Party said: European politics is against Christians