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Tristan Azbej: The effectiveness of aid to Ukraine must be examined

Tristan Azbej

According to the Hungarian position, it must be approached strategically how the European Union and its member states relate to Russia's war in Ukraine – stated Tristan Azbej, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Secretary of State reminded that the European Union has spent more than 80 billion euros in financial assistance to help Ukraine. “We believe it is time to examine the effectiveness of this aid and how it leads to the most important goal from the perspective of Hungary, which is an early ceasefire and peace,” he stated.

Tristan Azbej said that in relation to the war in Ukraine, Hungary has launched its largest humanitarian and reconstruction action and program in its history. However, he noted that European policies and actions in this area have not brought the expected results.

As he said, at the council meeting, he emphasized the importance of humanitarian aid, crisis resolution, and peace in connection with the Gaza conflict as well.

“Everyone suffering on each side deserves humanitarian assistance. In this spirit, Hungary demands the immediate release of hostages abducted from Israel by the Hamas terrorist organization, including Hungarian citizens,” he highlighted.

The Secretary of State informed that Hungary, in cooperation with Egypt, is providing assistance to civilians who have fled Gaza. However, he added, the primary consideration must be to ensure peace.

“We must prevent the conflict from escalating into an interstate war by every possible means. And the basic condition for peace, which must be stated in the name of truth, is: Israel was hit by a terrorist attack. Hamas is a terrorist organization, so Israel has the right to self-defense and to conduct its war against terrorism,” he drew attention.

In his statement, the Secretary of State also spoke about Hungary’s high priority on the Sahel region.

“Hungary has recognized that what happens there not only determines the future of the African continent but also affects the future of Europe. This African region faces challenges of climate change, slow economic development, food and water scarcity, and political instability. Extremist ideas and organizations are gaining more ground, thus intensifying the persecution of Christians,” he explained.

He pointed out that the situation in the Sahel region could lead to a lasting humanitarian catastrophe on the continent, which the Hungarian government wants to prevent in the spirit of Christian solidarity, to protect human lives and avoid a massive wave of migration.

Tristan Azbej at the council meeting also talked about how Hungary, through the Hungary Helps Program, successfully cooperates with communities in the region, including Christian charitable organizations, thus achieving its humanitarian and migration prevention goals.

He announced that in the near future, the Hungary Helps Agency will open a regional office in Chad, one of the last stable countries in the region.

“This office will coordinate and carry out complex humanitarian projects and provide care for people forced to leave their homes. In addition, it will promote the alleviation of water and food shortages through Hungarian expertise in agricultural development,” he described the program.

He also informed that Hungary will send a military mission to Chad, with 200 Hungarian soldiers serving in the African country next year.

“The mission aims to make the humanitarian and development activities of the Hungary Helps Agency safer and to contribute to the stability of the country and the prevention of migration originating from the region,” stated Tristan Azbej.

Source: MTI

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