News from Hungary

The Hungarian Caritas delivers several truckloads of aid to Ukrainian Christians

Hungarian Catholic Caritas continues to support the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Caritas groups operating in Transcarpathia.

Ilia, the Patriarch of Georgia, gave his blessing to the Hungarians

Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary, met with the Patriarch of Georgia, who gave his blessings.

Political oppression against European Christians

Executive Secretary of the Hungarian Christian Democratic People's Party said: European politics is against Christians

The Pontiff honored the martyrs of the persecuted Hungarian Church

It was evident that he pays attention to the concerns and situation of Hungarian Christians - stated Cardinal Erdő.

Pope Francis prays for the unity and peace of the Hungarians

Pope Francis wrote to the Hungarian catholics: "always preserve peace and unity among yourselves".

Hungary Helps: 300 humanitarian programs, over a hundred million dollars

Approximately 300 humanitarian programs in 54 countries, over a hundred million dollars, said the Hungarian president at the UN.

Christian Persecution in Hungary: Virgin Mary Statue Destroyed

The statue of Virgin Mary was vandalized by the morning of May 19, smashing the upper part of the artwork.

Hungarian government is doing everything for the security of the Jewish community

Important, that every Jewish person can feel safe in Hungary, said the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Interior.

Church charities saved the lives of tens of thousands

Church charities saved the lives of tens of thousands of people, said the State Secretary for Church and Minority Relations.

Pope Francis about the persecuted Hungarian jesuit

At the Pope's meeting with Hungarian jesuits, there was a topic the story of father Ferenc Jálics, who was imprisoned in Argentina