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The UN asks Hungary to share its experiences in aiding persecuted Christians

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The UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief is asking Hungary to share its experiences from its policy on aiding persecuted Christians with the world, said Tristan Azbej, the Hungarian State Secretary responsible for programs assisting persecuted Christians.

Tristan Azbej, State Secretary responsible for the implementation of the Hungarian aid program Hungary Helps, stated that at the International Religious Freedom Summit held in Washington, he had the opportunity to negotiate with Nazila Ghanea, a UN rapporteur, whose office plays a crucial role in drawing member states’ attention to the importance of religious freedom. According to the State Secretary, the UN official specifically requested that Hungary share its unique experience in how humanitarian aid can help the survival and local retention of persecuted Christians and other religious groups.

The State Secretary highlighted that this year’s religious freedom summit marked progress in terms of more countries being represented than before. Not only those suffering from religious persecution but also government representatives and other types of organizations participated in the event. He described it as promising that while previously the outcome of such a meeting was merely the issuance of statements, now there is hope for comprehensive and tangible action to follow.

“The Hungarian delegation contributed to the dialogue at the summit by presenting Hungary’s own example, showcasing the work of the State Secretariat operating in defense of persecuted Christians since 2016 and the operation of the Hungary Helps program, which incorporates development policy into the protection of religious freedom” – added Azbej.

The State Secretary mentioned that he participated in several political meetings in the American capital, including discussions with American political figures, among them congressional representatives and senators. According to him, Hungary and the Hungarian government are almost in complete value alignment with the American right-wing, those espousing conservative and Christian values. He referred to the fight against antisemitism, which has become increasingly important, as another area where he experienced a community of values with American conservatives. He pointed out that violent antisemitism has re-emerged in the Western world and the United States following the events in Gaza.

Tristan Azbej added that during his meetings, he encountered recognition from his interlocutors regarding Hungary’s efforts to protect Christians, steps taken in the fight against antisemitism, and Hungarian stances and measures in defense of families, marriage, and life.

Source: MTI

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