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Important to convince European politics to stand by persecuted Christians

Important mission to convince European politics that as many people as possible should stand by persecuted Christians.

Azbej: We condemn the terrorist attack by the Boko Haram

"We condemn the terrorist attack by the Boko Haram" said Tristan Azbej, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

Historical large scale assistance from Hungary for the Ukrainian refugees

Azbej: Hungary provides assistance to the Ukrainian refugees with the largest humanitarian action in its history.

The UN asks Hungary to share its experiences in aiding persecuted Christians

Azbej: the UN asking Hungary to share its experiences from its policy on aiding persecuted Christians with the world.

International Religious Freedom Conference was opened at the Hungarian embassy

Speakers: "the fight for the right to religious freedom the most important human rights struggle of our time".

Hungary is helping people of different religions in Gaza

Hungary is providing help to the people in Gaza conflict are suffering together.

The stability of the Sahel belt is in the interest of Europe

"The stability of the Sahel region is in the interest of both Hungary and Europe!" - announced Tristan Azbej.

Tristan Azbej: Hungary is better at implementing Christian solidarity

The Hungarian involvement will be even stronger in the programs, helping persecuted Christians – said Tristan Azbej.

Anti-Christian terror has extinguished young lives, reminded Tristan Azbej

Anti-Christian terror has claimed young lives in the Philippines, the Hungary Helps program sends emergency aid.

The Hungarian and Italian governments plan cooperation to help persecuted Christians

Tristan Azbej presented the Hungary Helps program's African results to representatives of the Vatican.