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Important to convince European politics to stand by persecuted Christians

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It is an important mission to convince European politics that as many people as possible should stand by persecuted Christians, declared Tristan Azbej, the Hungarian government's State Secretary responsible for programs assisting Christians, on Thursday in Budapest.

Tristan Azbej emphasized that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, with over 360 million people globally facing discrimination, threats, or persecution “because they profess the name of Jesus Christ.” He added that this is one of the greatest and most silenced humanitarian and human rights crises of our time.

The State Secretary noted that the indifference or denial with which the majority of Western politicians approach the issue of persecuted Christians also reflects the state of European values.

Tristan Azbej highlighted that the crisis in the Middle East underscores the issues of war and peace, with Syria mourning half a million innocent civilian victims and over 11 million Syrians having fled their homes. The armed conflict has unleashed the Islamic State on Iraq, and the refugee influx poses a threat to the security of the European continent.

The State Secretary also mentioned that the most brutal Christian persecution today is happening in Nigeria, with cautious estimates suggesting that 4,000 Nigerian Christians were killed for their faith last year.

György Hölvényi, a Member of the European Parliament, recalled that from the beginning of the program, the goals were both to effectively assist persecuted Christians and to combat indifference.

He expressed his pleasure that the Hungarian government has shown sensitivity towards persecuted Christians from the start and that the protection of Christians remains at the center of the Hungary Helps program.

Source: MTI

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