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Hungary supports the Syrian people with 4.6 million euros


Hungary is providing support in the amount of 4.6 million euros (approximately 1.75 billion Hungarian forints) to the Syrian population in need and the communities hosting Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, announced Tristan Azbej, who is the responsible for programs assisting persecuted Christians at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Brussels on Thursday.

At the seventh donor conference on Syria and the region’s future, Tristan Azbej announced that Hungary’s support includes covering the costs of infrastructure restoration and operation of church-run schools and hospitals. The announced donation complements the 1.2 million euros (approximately 460 million Hungarian forints) previously offered by Hungary for post-earthquake reconstruction in the region.

“Due to the prolonged Syrian conflict, half of the country’s population has been forced to leave their homes, with 70% of them in need of humanitarian assistance. The February earthquake further worsened the war-inflicted damages to the infrastructure. The Syrian Christian community is at risk, having drastically shrunk due to persecution by extremists” states the State Secretary.

He highlighted that Hungary has increased its global role and international aid efforts through the Hungary Helps Program over the past decade. As a Christian country, assisting persecuted Christians and supporting humanitarian organizations operating on religious grounds is of paramount importance.

According to him, this applies to the situation in Syria as well, where the Christian churches provide necessary assistance not only to Christians but to the entire Syrian society. Hungary advocates for the safe, voluntary, and dignified return of Syrian refugees and firmly maintains that promoting migration does not alleviate but extends the crisis. At the same time, preserving Syria’s diversity, including its 2000-year-old Christian communities, must be supported, added Tristan Azbej.

Source: MTI

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