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With Hungary’s support, the Benedictine monastery in Norcia could be rebuilt


In such a significant historical location of European Christian civilization like Norcia, Hungary's support is important," said Tristan Azbej, representing the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regarding the renovation of the monastery complex in Norcia, Italy.

In 2016, a severe earthquake shook the central part of Italy, resulting in the deaths of nearly three hundred people. The earthquake also caused enormous destruction to cultural heritage and buildings. During the earthquake, except for one wall, the Benedictine monastery near Norcia was completely destroyed.

Azbej emphasized that the local Benedictines, who had been continuously present until the 1700s and had re-established the monastic community here 25 years ago, lost virtually everything due to the earthquake.

Hungary’s international aid program, the Hungary Helps – Hungary Helps program, is known for assisting people in distress around the world, especially persecuted Christians, he said.

“In Norcia, of course, we are not talking about persecution of Christians, but a great loss has befallen the universal Christian culture and a community, which is why Hungary was the first and only foreign government to offer support for the reconstruction to the local Benedictine community,” he announced.

Azbej highlighted that while to the east and south of Hungary, in Africa and Asia, Christian people are persecuted, often having to pay with their lives for their faith in Jesus, we see in Western Europe that Christianity as a civilization, as a culture, is under attack.

The State Secretary said that the Hungarian state provided financial support to the order in two installments. One was given in 2021 for the repair of structural damages to the monastery and the church, and then in 2023, it also assisted in the construction of a pilgrim house next to the monastery. The total amount of the two supports provided within the framework of Hungary Helps exceeds 700,000 euros.

Source: MTI

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