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Tristan Azbej: Hungary is better at implementing Christian solidarity

Tristan Azbej

The law about the Hungary Helps Program has changed from January 1st, so in the future, the Hungarian involvement will be even stronger – said Tristan Azbej, the State Secretary responsible for programs helping persecuted Christians at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to the M1 Television.

Due to the amendment of the Hungary Helps Program law, effective January 1st, Hungary is not only providing humanitarian support but can also offer assistance with tools of economic development and peace-building. This will make the Hungarian involvement even stronger, and Hungary will be better at implementing Christian solidarity, as well as the principle of not bringing trouble to Europe, but taking help to where the trouble is – declared, emphasizing that it is a humanitarian duty to provide life-saving assistance to the persecuted.

According to the State Secretary, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion in the world today, with about five thousand people being murdered each year for following Christ. He added that a significant portion of these attacks, about 80 percent, occur in Nigeria. During Christmas, “pastoral tribes adhering to jihadist, Islamist ideologies” attacked 20 Christian settlements in the African country, slaughtering approximately 200 Christians. The attacks were deliberately timed to coincide with Christmas services and were motivated by jihadist Islamist ideology, said Tristan Azbej.

He also mentioned that the Western media reported little on these events, framing them as attacks by pastoral tribes against farming villages. They do not talk about how the attacks on Christian people and communities might be backed by jihadist tribes armed and trained by the Islamist terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, he said.

“It’s important to break the indifference, silence, denial, and acknowledge that this is persecution of Christians” – the State Secretary emphasized.

He also alerted that Islamist terrorism has now appeared in Europe. According to reports, attacks were planned in Germany, but their execution was prevented by the authorities.

He recalled that in the spring, an Islamist assailant attacked a Catholic church in Spain, killing a sacristan and seriously injuring a priest.

The State Secretary drew attention to the fact that attacks against Christians multiply during Christian holidays. He believes one reason for this is Islamist anti-Christian sentiment, and the other is the liberal anti-Christian ideology spreading in Western Europe, which portrays Christianity as oppressive and persecutory.

Source: MTI

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