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The UN asks Hungary to share its experiences in aiding persecuted Christians

Azbej: the UN asking Hungary to share its experiences from its policy on aiding persecuted Christians with the world.

An anti-discrimanation report by the UN could jeopardize religious freedom

The National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF) expressed worry about the implications of this report in a statement.

UN-related NGO advocates for the decriminalization of abortion worldwide

The report of the International Commission of Jurists contains dangerous ideas when it comes to the sexuality of children.

One in seven Christians is persecuted across the world

Violence and repressive measures targeting Christians have increased in recent years.

UN finds more evidence of crimes against humanity from the Islamic State

These crimes include “forcibly transferring and persecuting Christians, seizing their property, engaging in sexual violence.

Iranian President ignored human rights abuses at the UN General Assembly

Human rights activists have further called into question whether Iran should have been given any kind of platform at the UNGA.

Sixteen soldiers killed by jihadists in Mali

Jihadists have overtaken areas with weak governmental leadership.

Budapest report on Christian Persecution report: Part 2

This article is an overview of a chapter in the "General theoretical reflections on the State of Security of Christians"

Four UN Peacekeepers Killed in Mali

Four peacekeepers were killed by suspected Jihadists on Friday in the Kidal region of northeast Mali, reports UN News.

Donald Trump asked the UN to protect the unborn and religious minorities

Besides this, his administration is advancing opportunities for women and also combating human trafficking.