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Cooperation needed in Europe for the defense of Christian civilization

Christian defense

The Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Semjén emphasized the need for close cooperation in Central Europe for the defense of Christian civilization.

At the conference entitled “Central Europe for Europe” organized by the Order of Saint George, he stated: Since Saint Stephen, “in a spiritual sense, with all our roots,” we have been here and defended Christian Europe from various attacks, from the Mongol and Ottoman empires or “other forms of Eastern paganism.”
He emphasized that Christian civilization is a historical given that constitutes our way of life. This Christian civilization represents respect for the human person, freedom of conscience, and respect for women – the Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

“That’s why we want nothing more than to defend this Christian civilization,” declared the deputy Prime Minister.

Semjén highlighted that besides our European identity, we are also Central Europeans, sharing our history and mentality. The peoples living here “understand each other with half a word” – he pointed out.
He explained that the Habsburg Empire was the historical framework that shaped our thinking and mentality for centuries. The mentality of the peoples of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy is unity, which is a unique value in Europe. We would like to preserve this Central European unity and represent a specific solidarity within the solidarity of the European Union – he articulated.

This heritage also signifies a specific way of life – he underlined. He added: “We are a small nation in terms of soul count, fighting for survival for a thousand years. The Hungarian history, culture, and historical community of fate are values that we must preserve because if we do not, no one will do it for us. That’s why we are sensitive about our national sovereignty.”

He also mentioned that in Hungary, the House of Habsburg-Lorraine is not only a part of history but also a part of the Hungarian present and future. Hungary and Hungarian diplomacy are served by two individuals from the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, György Habsburg in Paris and Eduárd Habsburg at the Vatican, who are excellent diplomats for Hungary.

Source: MTI

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