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Cooperation needed in Europe for the defense of Christian civilization

The Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister said: close cooperation in Central Europe for the defense of Christian civilisation.

Hungary continues its efforts to help persecuted Christians

Hungary's efforts to help persecuted Christians reflect a commitment to humanitarian principles

NBA player released the first basketball sneakers with Bible verses on it

Jonathan Isaac hopes the new sneakers will be respected as "real basketball sneakers."

One in seven Christians is persecuted across the world

Violence and repressive measures targeting Christians have increased in recent years.

Christians are afraid more persecution comes after revision of blasphemy law

British activist warns that stricter statutes will make it harder for innocent victims.

Christian properties are under threat across northeastern Syria

According to the Assyrian Democratic Organization, 20,000 of the formerly 22,000 Syriac Assyrians in the country have emigrated.

Underground Turkish city may have housed persecuted Christians 2000 years ago

Researchers say only 3% of the site has been excavated, so it’s still unknown how large the entire city may span. 

US Supreme Court rules Boston must allow Christian flag to fly outside city hall

The government had allowed a homosexual 'pride' flag and the flags of other countries to be flown, but not a Christian flag.

Christian TikTok singer reaches No. 1 on multiple charts

Her single hit No. 1 for the first time last week on Billboard’s Christian Airplay and AC Indicator charts.