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Cooperation agreement signed by Hungary Helps concerning water purification systems

HUngary Helps

The Hungary Helps Agency signed a partnership agreement with the Hungarian Water Partnership Nonprofit Ltd., a consolidator of Hungarian-owned water sector actors, on Wednesday at the Planet Budapest 2023 sustainability expo.

On the occasion of signing the agreement, Tristan Azbej, the State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, stated: “Although the two organizations have different professional missions, there is a point of connection. Hungary Helps is a manifestation of the solidarity of the Hungarian people and the Hungarian government in the world. They provide assistance to people facing natural or humanitarian disasters, those persecuted for their Christian faith or ethnic reasons,” he said.

He added that the goal of the Hungary Water Partnership (HWP) is to support the entry of Hungarian water sector players into foreign markets. He underlined that cooperation has a precedent, as under the umbrella of HWP, with the support of the government, the MFAT, and Eximbank, a wastewater treatment investment has already been realized in Ghana.

Tristan Azbej said: “This is where the idea was born –  to unite our missions. [It is] to turn with a helping intention towards people suffering in the world’s crisis zones, to bring help to the location and to enable these people to choose to stay, and to capitalize on the internationally outstanding achievements of the Hungarian water industry”.

Károly Kovács, the president of HWP, stated that help needs to be provided locally where there is a lack of water resources, a need for support in saving irrigation water, the purification of wastewater, polluted water, or utilization of rainwater. “HWP’s professional mission is to bring help where the problem is with the solutions offered by the Hungarian water industry and to encourage innovation of industry players,” he highlighted.

Péter Kovács, the CEO of Hungary Helps Agency Nonprofit Ltd. spoke about more than two billion people not having access to clean drinking water, their number could grow to more than five billion by 2050, and three billion people will live under climatic conditions where other conditions of life will also not be given.

He stated that if help is not provided for the problem, these people will leave their homes and look for survival in Europe, among other places. Hungary Helps brings help where there is trouble; this is the aim of the cooperation with the Hungary Water Partnership organization,” he summarized.

Source: MTI

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