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Eighteen churches were pelted with eggs in Germany

The suspect cited personal circumstances as their motive and has since expressed remorse.

Islamic graffiti smeared on dozens of graves in a French cemetery

The local Mayor expressed his concern following the incident.

An armed woman arrested for attempting to destroy church rectory

Charges against the woman are pending as the investigation remains ongoing.

Thieves left excrement in an Italian church

The police are currently investigating the case.

Yet another German church was the target of vandalism

Replacing the window and door will probably cost thousands of euros.

Church smeared with Islamic slogan in Germany

The graffiti has reportedly been removed.

The three most common forms of anti-Christian vandalism in Europe

To combat the rise of anti-Christian vandalism in Europe, concerted efforts are needed at various levels.

A German church was subjected to several acts of vandalism

This came after three burglary attempts at St. Joseph Church in the past few weeks.

A Marian statue was destroyed in a French church

Church vandalism remains too often unpunished across France.

Far-left activists threatened a priest in Spain

The aggressive graffiti is from a youth group of the Catalan separatist left.