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Seventy people killed in one week in DRC

The attack comes just days after two Ituri villages were ambushed and over fifty people were killed by members of a terror group.

At least thirteen people killed in two days by Islamist group in DRC

According to the Kivu Security Tracker, there are more than one hundred militias like the ADF operating in the region.

Fulani herdsmen kill fourteen Baptist Christians in Nigeria

Commissioner Ayuba said that in addition to the fourteen people killed, six were wounded

Islamist terrorists now want a whole province in Mozambique

Jihadists wreaking havoc in the north of Mozambique are determined to seize the whole of Cabo Delgado province according to locals

Algeria: new Constitution to protect Islamic identity

Christian leaders report that they have not been asked to share their thoughts regarding the amendments.

Sub-Saharan Africa remains one the most dangerous regions for Christians

Christianophobia in Africa is the result of decades of sharia law propaganda targeting non-Muslims.

Ultraconservative Islamists pose a threat to society, Dutch intelligence says

Radicals are trying to create a parallel society, Dick Schoof, Director-general of AIVD said recently.

Rising islamist threat in the Sahel region, Bishop says

25 soldiers killed in recent attack on Niger's border with Mali