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Rising islamist threat in the Sahel region, Bishop says

Suspected Islamic militants killed at least 25 soldiers last week in an attack that came just a month after the worst jihadist assault on the military in years.


The attack, which also left dozens of militants dead, was waged in the town of Chinagodrar, on Niger’s troubled border with Mali.

The Nigerian military managed to repel them thanks to the air support provided by the local aviation and that of the allies (probably American or French drones), Fides reports.

After the state of emergency has been declared, the authorities of Tillabéri decided to “ban the movement of motorcycles, night and day” in various locations, including the regional capital of Tillaberi.

Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger are the three major states affected by islamist militants and violence, reaching beyond each other’s borders. According to United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel  (UNOWAS), 4,000 people were killed in jihadist attackss between Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali in 2019 compared to 770 deaths in 2016, Fides wrote.

Bishop of the largest diocese in Burkina Faso, His Exc. Mgr. Pierre Claver Malgo says that terrorist groups has one clear aim which is to occupy the entire Sahel region.

When militants systematically target Christian communities in Burkina Faso, they are forced to abandon their faith and church materials are confiscated.

Burkina Faso: Islamist armed groups threatens Christians and civilians


Photo: Senegalese commandos drag a high value target to safety during training with Western nation special operations forces during near Po, Burkina Faso, Feb. 22, 2019. (VOA News)

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