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Religious statue removal to be decided in French court

The statue was only targeted after it was hit by a car and was later rebuilt identically.

French parish victim of malicious and threatening graffitis for a month

Anti-Christians vandalism has been on the rise in France for the last few years.

Recent survey reveals that anti-religious violence rose by nearly 40% in France

Of the 1.659 anti-religious incidents in 2021, 857 were against Christians, which makes them the most targeted religion in France.

A French priest has been spit on and insulted in Arabic

French Christians are regularly targeted by young Arabs who often get radicalised in the hoods.

On average everyday two anti-Christian attacks took place in France in 2021

More than 800 anti-Christian incidents were reported in France in 2021.

Children desacrated nearly 70 graves in a French cemetary

The young vandals smashed souvenirs placed on the graves with stones.

Graffitis smeared on French chapel

The word “Ska ” was written in black letters. Ska is a musical genre that emerged in Jamaica in the late 1950s.

France implements new subsidy mechanism for religious associations

Several Human Rights Groups have expressed their concern or opposition to this control mechanism.

Martyrs of the 20th century: the massacre of Tibhirine

In 1995 alone, terrorists form the Islamic Armed Forces operating in Algeria murdered nearly 20 priests and nuns.

Nazi symbols smeared on French basilica in Argenteuil

The parish lodged a complaint, investigations were launched by the police.