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A French priest has been spit on and insulted in Arabic


After street vendors of African and Arab origin set up stalls even in the adjoining Saint-Michel church in the square where, four days a week, flea markets take place, ranging from the antiques fair to the phones stolen, the clergy called in the police to extricate the merchants from the temple.


At the end of mass on Sunday, February 27, the priest who was blessing the square, preceded by the processional cross, was insulted in Arabic and the victim of spitting.

The diocese of Bordeaux refused to file a complaint. As a reminder, the current Archbishop of Bordeaux, Mgr James, was the former Bishop of the city of Nantes.

Under his leadership the diocese was fully committed to welcoming migrants, leaving them and the far left squatting on diocesan rights-of-way and properties (Notre-Dame de Bon Conseil college, gymnasium of the former Jeanne Bernard college, Saint-Médard presbytery in Doulon, etc.), without any regard or listening to local residents.


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