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France implements new subsidy mechanism for religious associations

Several Human Rights Groups have expressed their concern or opposition to this control mechanism.

Martyrs of the 20th century: the massacre of Tibhirine

In 1995 alone, terrorists form the Islamic Armed Forces operating in Algeria murdered nearly 20 priests and nuns.

Nazi symbols smeared on French basilica in Argenteuil

The parish lodged a complaint, investigations were launched by the police.

Robberies of French cemeteries on the rise

It is difficult to make statistics, since many thefts are not declared or discovered weeks or even months after being committed.

French organisation tries to preserve the country's Christian heritage

This year's pilot renovation project concerns, for example, the chapel in Vrère in the Deux-Sèvres department.

Gang of church robbers arrested in France

In total, five people have been identified by the police and will face charges for burglary.

Christianophobia on the rise across Europe

Most acts of Christianophobia in Europe can be put in the category of discrimination rather than physical extermination (for now).

27 acts of Christianophobia reported in France in September 2021 alone

Despite the evidence, French authorities continue to turn a blind eye on this worrying phenomenon

France and Sweden prosecute ISIS for crimes against Christians and Yazidis

Several governments investigate ISIS crimes with the hope that its members will be held accountable.