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French authorities elaborate new strategy to tackle anti-religious hate crimes

The conclusions of two deputies charged with investigating anti-religious acts by Emmanuel Macron last December have leaked. They were due March 21.


“While emphasizing that “the quality of relations between the public authorities and religions (…) is generally appreciated by those responsible for religions”, “much remains to be done” according to the deputies.

In the short term, they encourage the public authorities to better communicate the figures each year, detailing them and devoting special treatment to online anti-religious hatred. At the local level, State services and representatives of religions could exchange annually to strengthen dialogue and provide information on the progress of investigations. And the 205 “discrimination referent” magistrates present in each jurisdiction are invited to make themselves better known to religious communities.

Dedicated to securing places of worship, the “K program” of the Ministry of the Interior is invited to gain momentum. Endowed with 5 million euros in 2021, parliamentarians want to double the amount and that the Muslim faith, in particular, seize more of it.

In the longer term, elected officials reject any development in criminal law, “the subject being rather that it be applied”. Rather, they call for “the training and awareness of all links in the judicial chain”. 


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