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A teacher was dismissed for sharing his Christian beliefs in Wales


A teacher in Wales, Ben Dybowski, was encouraged to express his Christian beliefs at a seminar and was subsequently fired for "hate speech." The teacher was prompted to share his opinions during a mandatory training session organised by the charity Diverse Cymru to instruct teachers on "workforce diversity practice, unconscious bias and gender awareness."


He later commented that: “We were told it was a safe space and encouraged to speak freely.”

The Daily Mail reported how Ben Dybowski, 55, was dismissd from The Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales school near Cardiff after sharing his Christian beliefs at a seminar, accused of “hate speech”. Policy manager Ele Hicks, a “bisexual activist” and Stonewall member, delivered the training.

During the diversity seminar run by Diverse Cymru, Ben Dybowski was encouraged to offer his views on diversity and inclusion. He told the group that he believed life began at conception, marriage should be between a man and a woman and that he opposed the stoning of men for homosexuality under some aspects of Sharīʿa law. He then asked if his views would be considered discriminatory. The following day Dybowski was dismissed from The Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales High School.

In addition to being “an affront to freedom of speech and freedom of thought,” Mr Dybowski saw his dismissal as an attack on Christianity. Daily Mail quotes him commenting on the seminar: “We were told it was a safe space and encouraged to speak freely.”

Diverse Cymru was unable to help Dybowski personally after he turned to the charity for support for his dismissal. The teacher claims that he did not share his views with pupils and always respected those with different opinions.


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