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France: a record high number of people watched televised Mass

The broadcasting of the Mass was made possible thanks to the involvement of the Dominicans and employees of the Paris CFRT studio.

The sanctuary of Lourdes closed for the first time in history

In France, almost 7,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus; over 120 people have died from it so far.

France: arson of church doors in Sète

As in many other churches, the celebration of Masses has been temporarily interrupted in the context of the coronavirus epidemic.

Restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral interrupted

Given the numerous uncertainties regarding the recent pandemic, no date has been given indicating when works will resume.

France: Armenian genocide memorial desecrated in Lyon

Between 1914 and 1923, Ottomans massacred around 1.5 million Armenians.

France: Criminals rob and desecrate a church in Mayenne

A "reparation Mass" has been celebrated on March 7, 2020.

France: Manche basilica subjected to acts of vandalism

It is not the first time that this parish located in northwestern France has faced degradation.

Islamist who criticized Asia Bibi reports "blasphemers" to Morrocan authorities

Sihamedi is a salafist who has recently become famous for criticizing Macron's meeting with Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi.

French government believes in the developement of "French Islam"

It is far from sure that the idea of ​​forcing Islam into the secular framework of the French Republic is a realistic solution.

French government preocuppied with the situation of Christians in Algeria

The Protestant Church of Algeria considers itself "under increasing pressure and intimidation".