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Full reconstruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral could take over a decade

It has already been one year since the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral burned. Investigations and renovation works are underway. The great Emmanuel bell (which has not been damaged) rang out this Wednesday at 8 pm to commemorate the first anniversary of this tragic event.


The coronavirus caused the almost complete suspension of renovation works. Earlier, the area had been decontaminated of lead compounds, and reconstruction appeared to quicken. A positive element is that on Good Friday, among the ruins of Notre-Dame, Father Aupetit took part in the veneration of the relics of the Crown of Thorns and a religious service was held for the first time since the outbreak of the fire.

“We will rebuild the more beautiful Notre-Dame Cathedral, and I want it to be completed in five years,” announced President Emmanuel Macron the day after the fire. Unfortunately, the full restoration will take much longer. Most specialists agree that it will probably take over a decade. 

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation immediately after the fire. Already in June 2019, after the initial investigation, the theory of intentional arson was considered unlikely. The current hypothesis is that an electrical malfunction or a non-quenched cigarette caused the fire

Since then, three investigating specialists have been appointed. Several theories have been explored, including a problem with the device for the electrical activation of bells, a failure of a building elevator, and even an inadequate fire detection system in the attic.


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